With extensive experience as choreographers and improvisors, RAVEN infuses their aerial & ground performances with nuanced sophistication and electrifying power.

RAVEN performs in a wide assortment of venues and productions, running the gamut from nightclubs, concerts, immersive theatre, proscenium productions, and variety to corporate events, commercial video and still shoots.


    • The Box NYC
    • The Box Soho
    • The House of YES
    • The Slipper Room
    • Diamond Horseshoe
    • El Ministerio De La Parranda
    • Que Bajo?!
    • Little Cinema
    • Blunderland
    • Lightning Society
    • No Holds Barred
    • The London Reign Showclub
    • The Burlesque Show


    • Fabric
    • Corde Lisse
    • Lyra
    • Double Sling/Spansets
    • STRAPS
    • Cubit
    • NET
    • Contortion-based Acro
    • DANCE